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I am the Prince of tears
A modern day prophet of lamenting sighs
I cry every night in great sorrow.
I prophesy throughout these pages
I am the king of queens
who was born in sinful attire
grew in iniquity.
Now, I gave myself fully to Christ
I am dead to myself
But now I know life.
I am the Prince among princesses
who humbly weeps for his sisters.
I hurt from every mother stricken by every blow by wicked men.
I gentle and slow I distaste
A mistreated woman.
Men if she strikes you, turn your cheeks
And go about thy ways
Be humble my brothers towards your wives
For the God of Heaven
annointed me over them to intercede their burdens to the courts.
Don't strike your wives for they are the helpers of thy children and they raise you.
Let her love be as tender to thee as she submits herself to thee as she would herself submit unto God.
Husband love your wife 
As Christ loves the church.
My friends, respect your husbands
And not strike him for he is the head
But let if be a child strikes you
He shall be cursed by hell fire and guns.
For he who strikes the princess let the KING's blood avenge her
He will surely die by the guns.
But let love rule in thine hearts o banished children of Eve.
For I am the sweet gentlemen
Humble as my King
And meek like a sheep.
Let the mules carry every woman to the gardens of love.
In the house of Solomon's courts.
Let the daughters of Abraham praise His Majesty.
He who is greater than me
Let him be greater before his kingdom forever and ever.


  • Oct 02, 2022

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