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"Solomon's Prince"

A broken king I was from dirty soils
and wretched places,
I became a prince of tears.
He annointed me a prince among every princess and a humble king among every queen. 
But for the wicked harlot who disobeys my Lord shall be thrown down in the oceans by the anchors of her neck.
He who is greater than me
And He who is greater than king Solomon;
will he give account to every deed of her wickedness.
For Christ has thrown that wicked queen down to the depths of the sea
For her abominations.
But for the daughter who fears the Lord, will her days be numbered forever.

Let the weeping mothers pray-

Let the sisters mourn for that great day.

Let the meek grandmothers and aunties fight on behalf of Elohim the Christ Jesus.

For every woman who weeps
Will reap a hundred fold
From the KING of life.

Let the Spirit of spirits speak with great authority of his Word in your hearts.

To set you free from your wicked ways

Let not the queen be jealous,
for His everlasting love is still upon the weak;
His Love is abundant to those weeping orphans.


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