Sesión Two Denmark's Prettiest Fetishes In Masks And Hoods  1999 Until  2021 (with Mrs Granola.) Read Count : 41

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Question G Asked by Tom : Granola in you'll previous invited interview, you mentioned about your Biggest hero who, inspired you [Vicky Devika] please Granola in full detail could explain and express your feelings and thoughts about her in your wild and Serious sense of love you have for her as your Biggest Hero?.?

Q (g) Answered by Granola :

Hmm, i had always been drawn to the rubber and latex Material, i got my first latex dress in my Teens, but it was of very poor quality. I knew it was a material with a lot of taboo to it, and i felt ashamed to like it so i only wore it while alone and didn't share it with anyone, along the years i got more latex clothes and enjoyed wearing it at home, it made me feel relaxed. There is this underground club in my city where i could wear latex leggings and tops, but no one else where dressed like me and i didn't know anyone like minded. So when i saw Vicky Devikas elusive rubber creature "goes shopping" something changes in me. I became super self aware and suddenly had new thoughts i have never had before. Why was i to hide what i liked, why was it wrong when i took on clothes i enjoyed and felt comfortable in? It changed me and i then realized that no matter what i would do in life people will judge me, so there would be no need to try to please people that doesn't know me, but just want to hurt me. So i began wearing latex in public and for parties and concerts. Vicky has through her modeling given me so much self security, and that's why she is so important to me.

Question H asked by Tom : Granola in General how did your Lovely Amazing Lesbian Partner - Wife found out about your experience with Smoking Hot Masks and Hoods, collection.

How do you feel about it physically when she First found out that you had a Kinky Colourful Collection of Amazing Masks and Hoods in your Lifetime experience?

Q (h) Answered by Granola :

My wife found out after i just told her "i like this". She was a bit shocked in the beginning and had a lot of prejudice against people who like latex, but she soon learned that what the media and film had taught her wasn't necessarily true, latex isn't neacesaily only a part of the BDSM community and isn't entirely a sexual thing. She has (and still is) grown used to it and supports me on a level i have never dreamt about being possible.

Question I asked by Tom :Granola in General do you and your wife share the same thoughts and Opinions Physical and Emotional about You and your Fetish about Masks and Hoods?..

Q (i) Answered by Granola :

She doesn't really like it but she can see how it makes me feel and that makes her happy. She often asks me to put on my drone look and do house work, she likes to boss me around blush.

Question J Asked by Tom :Granola How did met The other half of your Lesbian love life.

Option One - Was it because of your Lovely collection of Masks and Hoods in Latex and Leather

Option Two - Both of You found each other in a Lesbian Bar or Cozy Restaurant together.

Option Three - Beause you were lovers since a very young age on since Primary School.

Q (j) Answered by Granola :

We met in a support group for LGBT people at our local LGBT bar. She was very clumsy and talked non stop about cars, computer games and trains, something i have no interest in at all. But there was something about her, so i kept trying to connect with her. We became good friends although we had nothing in common, but we could talk about everything. Then one day i came in to work and my boss


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