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Ọ̀gbẹ́ni, Mr. All knowing
How awesome it's, only you to be hailing
One move you have found many errors
One gaze you appreciate not but criticize always 
No one is important to you because you're a one man mopol 
Change such mindset, it can't push you to nowhere good 

Ladies and gentlemen with a rude sounds that crew "i don't need anybody's help",
Weldone, my rich lady, don't forget your riches may wipe out like a drawing on sand, 
Gentleman with a cool voice that can't stand with a poor lady, come and listen,
Your earthly kids maybe through her, you may not want to agree or keen. 

Right hand is useless if the left is absent 
How can legs be called legs if one is being arm putted
Someone with one eyes has literally becomes disable 
You need somebody's hand to do things palatable.

As the mold pot is useless at harvesting period
So as a basket is useless at rainy period
As lion is fierce in the wilderness
So as the cat with it's pride and wickedness 
No one is valueless

Let the wise digest my words diligently 
Words that are flowing of morals and teaching respectively
You're important to this world ladies and gentlemen
This universe is for you to live likewise for the richest men and women

© Boluwatife Alabi. O 


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