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Thought for the night don't reply
Change temperature 
Spark fire
Freeze ice
Don't speak twice

Swollen but not bruised 
Bleeding but not cut
Weak but not tired

Fancy jewelry
Expensive hair and nails
I don't care
Day dreams 
Much and often 
Get in my way 
What's true 
Then faked
Empty then full of mistakes 
Clinc hours
Closing time leaves hours of waiting
Can't escape it 
Exam eye test reflex use
All checks good
But your still left to feel unhealthy
So much to think 
Mind can't hold still
Money rich with envy
To poor to matter how little you have 
Happiness not reward for anything but felt by what you might call undeserving
But what do you know except bullshit you were force feed. That's it for today I'f I survive another I might have more to say whether from my past or future I dare not say.


  • Sep 30, 2022

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