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My homage to the elders of the house 
Permit me to break some rules of this house 
For unto an angel protocols want to be broken 
Beauty like a magician for the reflection makes the dead awaken 
And the deaf could hear the noise of thy beauty 

Ọmọ ẹlẹ́wà 
Ṣo wà 
Ọmọ ìyá kwáyà 
Àfi bí ti Lucifer 
Àgbà singer 
A song fighter 
Too kind like Dorcas 
Thy beauty is my breakfast

For you protocols were broken dáhùsi 
For the reflection of thy beauty shew forth light to the world 
And all that were blinded can see 
Those with hypertension takes thy beauty as medication to regulate their blood 
You're a crystal
And reflect down to all the universe like a diamond
Upon the sea, under, at it's bank, on earth beauty as you kòsí. 

It's what it's so thou can't be mine 
But glad to link together with you for ye a royal daidem
Princess and queen of beauty 
The goddess of beauty 
And the representative of God's beauty 

© Boluwatife Alabi. O 


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