Despondency:. IT'S ALL LIES, THERE SHALL BE NO LIGHT Read Count : 14

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My eyes have seen 
My ears have heard those life changing words
My spirit as calm as a river
But yet all hope is built on nothing 

It's all lies 
I bet there's no light 
All is full of darkness
The world is nothing but cramp up of emptiness
It's all lies, there's no light 

Hope is built on uncertainty
But the nearer the future the clearer it becomes my despair 
Scam it's, healthiness isn't what birth longevity
It's comes to exist through happiness with care 
It's all lies, sometimes light may not come 

Let my soul be 
As my voice has cried from the pain of string of bee 
Hoping my tears could be wiped and have peace  
But it's just me being daydreaming
It's lies, light may not come 

I stayed in the dark for many times 
Hoping to see the light one day and then may die 
But it all just me being fooling myself
Hope itself can't hold on any longer 
It's grew grey and begin to fade away 

I have chewed my pains and now I begin to enjoy the taste 
Hope can't come 
Friends and family has gave up 
How else do you still want me to hope that light will come 
Can impossible still be possible, like for an ocean to flows back? 

Shut all the doors of advice 
Let me give heaven my breath 
And have the key to everlasting rest 
Or is there still a chance for an iced packed fish that it can resurrect again?
Perhaps, the grave may give up his ghost and start breathing again. 
How many years of hope can my strength still provide. 

© Boluwatife Alabi. O 


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