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A motivational poem, dedicated to all that are weak, tired and hopeless. I know it aren't easy, the mountains seems so hard to mount but you must keep it in mind there's no rest, the top of one mountain is the bottom of the other mountain. So you must keep moving without rush.


Either, you eat thy cake half baked 
Or you keep on hoping and hold on till it's fully baked 
Either, you be the whale of the ocean or you be the fish of the ocean 
Either you buried thy pain and rest in pain or you survive thy pain and gain the gain 

Are you tired of moving on?
Do you know why you can't hold on? 
You are the enemy suppressing thy own strength to hold on
Wake up now and realize to turn thy mind on

Stress and thinking add no value neither solution nor way out 
But rather make it more rigid to solve and mold to destroy
Some pains are to teach, empower and strengthen
Why don't you take another route 

Wise said, if you can't fly run, if you can't run walk, and if you can't walk then crawl  
It's not norms for you to reach the mountains from the left 
You can reach the top of the mountain if you're as slow as a snail.
Keep this in darkest and secretive place of thy heart 
Slowly is the fastest way to reach the top without being weary. 

You'll get tired 
It'll surely by like fire 
But you must always refire
And rekindle the light of thy desire 
Do not rush so as to save power in order to remain agile 
And slowly, the top of the mountain you can acquire. 

Boluwatife Alabi. O 


  • Sep 29, 2022

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