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He prays for the queens
For the lost girls O' Christ Elohim
God of Isaac and God of Solomon I bring every daughter to thee,
Save them from the hardened hearts of men and from every blow of their hands. Heavenly Father I lift every princess up to thee lead them to your glory O God for she is great in honor for she trusts in the name of the Lord. For every mothers I sow into thy hands and every aunt we lay to rest and the broken grandmothers who weeps for their children. Dear Lord save all your women from the hands of evil men and place them in thine arms let the King of Queens go before them as he intercedes for them. Lord touch all my friends and bless their children and their children's children. Jesus annoint the prince who intercedes for his mothers and every bethsheba. Lord come O' thee for thy daughters of Zion; uphold the queens on the behalf for every weeping of tears make them as roses of the earth let the King of queens go before them in prayer as he writes to thee in humble accord. Father pray for us. O God annoint me as thy prince as I intercede for your lost fold. I pray for the girls without a father the ones with no home amongst the thorns Lord make them as the roses of the earth and the lilies among burs.


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