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It's quite weird where my head goes; one minutes a disast like steppin' on tic-tacs; then the next is a cluster smoked to the last ash. 

Yeah, line it down, service; yet don't treat 'em like servants. Somehow; someway, I gotta stop calling it curtains cuz the side-bar don't believe in uncertains. Keep it open; knot the apron; then don't fall off in the end. It's one fucked up huge ass plan; but I don't stand a chance if a chance isn't even chanced. These are words coming off thumbs; it's written; prethought; but really I hit the gas right when the thumbs start. Internal ass beat; no idea; it's unheard; absurb; yeah that's the word; because I can't even keep track of all the double-edged swords.

Mindsets gone a'wall; we ain't at war but I damn well am; dead ass; staring at a wall. I don't need to stall, maybe a little because my mind really isn't as fast as his but it still works a steady pace cuz I'm only two minutes in this at this point with a hand cramp cuz I smashed my hand with the roof after ripping off one or two walls. 

It's concrete right? Sounds right; but does it sound right? It's not concrete it's sound; it bounces around. Ear to ear all over the world; or will it be heard; or get trampled in a thundering heard?

Time has the answers yet the answers aren't found by time; y'all get the rhyme; or is this what you'd call grime cuz it doesn't sit well when you read instead of hear it every time? 


  • Sep 28, 2022

  • Oct 02, 2022

  • Oct 08, 2022

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