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Overtures of magic
Swelled with ancient pride
Showed the kids a new way
To find the darker side

Showered them with praise
Understanding and love
Accepted who they were
Said, come have more

Kids were drawn to it
Like moths to a flame
Never knowing the cost
Before they fell in flames

They were told it was free
That all they wanted could be had
All that was required
Was to ask

They walked the path of darkness
Whether day or night
Called themselves my children
Dressed for a fright

Traveled through the streets
Like a tribe of gilded knights
Ladies wanting princes
To guide them through their dreams

Many fell into my depths
Others just played along
But their hearts belonged to me
Their eyes played my songs

Call themselves vampires
Or Nosferatu
I gave them all their dreams
Clouds of darkness to dive into

Who are these lost souls
Looking for peace and love
Children of the streets
Runaways from above

Now is the time to whisper
My words to draw near
To call them all home
To bring my children near


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