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You can ride for someone until it hurts 

If they don't love genuinely love you 
There's no way it will work

On this roller coaster called life
I gave you everything I had
But yet you still couldn't make me your wife

I'm so tried of trying
I'm just done being hurting
Ain't no need of lying

As I sit here in regret
I should have moved on & never looked back
Now I don't know what to do next

You're sick and angry at your life
But those choices you done
I'm trying to help remove the knife 

I didn't stab you in your back
But I'm the one who picked you up
And endured the attacks

I fought battles for others
When they couldn't fight themselves 
But it won't be another

I don't have nothing left
Holding on to hatred, heartache and pain
I had no choice but to adjust

After throwing me in the game
You stayed putting dirt on my name
Did everything you could to put me to shame

When I let go I'm done
It's nothing personal 
I just chose me... another one


  • Sep 25, 2022

  • Jennifer Something

    Jennifer Something

    very open and i could feel the pain and frustration

    Sep 25, 2022

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