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What is our life about? Birth and death? No! It is about much more than that. We are born and one day we die. But until then we still have a lot to do here on earth. Because we have been given a life that we cannot waste. Our life is often difficult, full of obstacles and mazes  .But our destiny is in our own hands and we can do something to make our lives a little better. But in the meantime, we become more experienced and prepared so that we have the strength to fight the battles of life ahead of us. Because there are many battles ahead of us, but despite the difficulties, the good  we also have to see it in life. In the light of the rising or setting sun, in the snowfall, in another person's smile. And we also need to be able to give a little good of ourselves to another person who is lonely or a loss for him. A smile is a hug, and we  we also become better, we can make the world a little better place. One day we will be mothers and fathers and it is up to us what our children see and what they learn from us. We have to prepare them for life. The good and the bad  on victories and losses. Unfortunately, sometimes life brings us in such a way that we are left alone and we start our last journey alone, but we are not alone as long as there are good-natured people on earth who encourage us, hold our hands, and accompany us with their reassuring words.  These moments make us truly human, good people. Because one day we will all leave here and be together again among the stars by the big campfire.


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