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Who are we among those here

We are the lost most sincere

Forgotten and alone

Living under the streetlights

Rats infest our beds

Roaches crawl through our 

Homes day by day

How is it that we have come to be this way

Scavenge for food

Ask for a handout

We have become derelicts 

Even in our homes

Who will be the one

To make us feel wanted

Who will give us what we need

Not scorn or derision

We are the lost

We are the forgotten

We are the ones society does not care about

We are the ones you avoid

Sitting in a pit of despair

Berating us for this

A hell of a living nightmare

See the scene play itself out

Is there redemption to be had

Salvation and a cup of tea

Who will keep us from drowning

In this concrete sea

Feel this loneliness

Surround me 

Feel this solitude

Become my norm

Now to the wind and cold

They too are my oppressors

Can you see where I’ve been

Can you see where I should go


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