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His thorns are upon my head 
as i suffer with him, he who gives me peace from the waters.

He feeds me when I'm hungry;

He who holds the staff of Moses who walks in the wilderness. (vision)

He who was dead but who breaths all over the earth. My hope and my faith I suffer in great pain waiting for him.

 He shall deliver me from these thorns so I shall praise his holy name.

He gives me new joy within my bones.
He will come and call me up from this watery grave of the seven seas.

His power will take me away with the fishes. His power so majestic I glorify thy holy name your highness, my majesty I call you Yeshua the one who took up my tears where thou died.

You took my worries and fears upon your head, you carried my anxieties astray and gave me love. When thou had passed away,
 you brought my every wound before the FATHER'S feet and granted me a new hope.

O Lord you hum and sing all over me as I sleep I hear your psalms for you are the heir of David O God, my redeemer and my Saviour.


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