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What if this is just me?
What if this is just who I am?
What if this is who I will always be?
What if I'm never going to fit into life's little box?
What if I'm happier this way?
What if this is what makes me feel free?
What if Im sane, kind and wise this way? 
What if I feel like I don't have to be a chameleon anymore? 
What if my depression have faded?
What if my anxiety has dwindled?
What if my PTSD has stopped haunting me?
What if this is just who I am and what I am? 
What if this is who I want to be?
What if you couldn't accept that and we continued to lose precious time?
What if your missing out on amazing memories we could've made?
What if you never stop missing me and your heart continues to ache?
What if you chose to accept me the way I am? 
What if?

Lori Mack


  • Sep 23, 2022

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