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I'm not making no crimes!
I'm not judging or putting down anyone to make them feel unworthy or like they have to worry?

So my question is....

Why did 3 platforms kick me off immediately 
Not even just a dissmiss

But I read about what others wrote Instead 

So why is it my words got hacked and booted to the end?

I read about what others wrote

Judgemental, mean, gross

Is it because I might have true meaning?

Not just on Craigslist was I approached 

But 2 other platforms will not accept what I wrote.

My very first writing on here is what I decided to post.

Listening and reading all the others political terms 

Is that why? Bc I'm not a politician in the governments eye

We're they scared that I stood up and told the truth on what's what? 

3 platforms my writing and I been banned from. 

But yet I can come on here and still take a stand with great wisdom and reality that this could become the one thing they haven't seen hidden

Nor can touch unless it's to much of a vision

3 people 3 social media's erased me. Within not even a minute

I tried different categories 

Still stopped by their vision

Could it be they see me finally

Could it be they see that some of you will follow thru?

Why my writing why my poems why my talk of not standing alone

When I read horrible things they were saying

Mine was peace upon people

And not the next vote for you you and you

Are you scared that I'm just a human?

Are you scared knowing one person can change the entire manifestation you have hidden.

Are you scared now? Why won't you let them see my vision?

Some will agree on somethings

Some will tell me um wrong and hate me. 

But those who say I'm wrong I won't Dismiss 

Instead I'll speak to them and find a way to exist.

The worl is ours for the taking 

Can't you see

We don't even know the multi billionaires who control everything. 

I felt wronged and anger towards these people who tried to erase me. They succeeded there and over there too

But I won't let my anger make them make unglued

Im here for the change

I'm not going nowhere

You think this is just a poem or a writing?

It's 2022 and they made the world go unglued

Curfews with a virus that lysol killed in the beginning 

No more deaths from ammonia all pointed to there mission

Separate and divide

And one Las thing I do stand for...

Who says what we learn in history?

Just curious to know?

Children are like sponges and become their dream young

By 13 teach em right qnd you'll have a vet tech degree under your thumb. 

They change their mind that's OK their only 13 

Why not let the young go for their dreams 

When the young used to be kings and queens controlling countries? 

Just a thought I had.

Call me dumb

I dont care.

I do know the young learn more then anyone knows. And we teach them the most stupidest stuff in those books they say are the most

So who controls what we learn and what we see on TV?

The news is apart of it biggest part indeed

I learned that in sociology.

Qnd from the views I've seen.

Tactics to make sure you all sit qnd listen

Stay divided by the worls multi trillions.

I'll be on YouTube 

But i was booted for just talking about my day with some things I want to say

I won't keep it in

I'm not trying to start anything of sin

Just listen watch and observe 

I did from as little as I could

My father's words he'd say will give me more power then any words needed to say

He was right.

Ph and by the way I didn't say a word of this I just put my last writing on it.  Nothing like this at all.

But truly in my heart I hope they do fall and THE FORGOTTEN AND THISE BELOW US THAT ARE ROTTING BECOME ONE.



  • nice that it let's you share

    Sep 22, 2022

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