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The I don't give a damn, is turning into a plan.
Every little line, no sham, no other hand.
Bleed it dry, keep up the lie, don't show anyone that side, weakness is failure, failure is weakness, sometimes the thought drives you right off the deep end. Lie again, let her leave again without saying shit again because you can't stand the you you are in the end. This isn't pretend, this is my real end. I'm broken, pieced together, shits missing and I caught one hell of a case of who the fuck are you? Lie, don't tell anyone why you are the way you are. Leave it there, bleed out a bit later, they'll just fucking run again, so leave it blank, because no one gives a damn in the end. That's the way it seems.

This isn't a live by, just a fly by. That hell, can't be the only ending. I'm trying, and doing, one after the other,  I gotta keep going, or the above will keep happening. 


  • Oct 08, 2022

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