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I Just turned 34 on September 4th I’m a single mom. I have a 10 year old daughter her name is A’lani. My dad died in 98 my brother committed suicide in 2014. I lost my mom in 2020. I’m her last surviving child. Unfortunately when my mom died she didn’t have a will, I took over the mortgage payments and had to get an afavidvit of heirship. I found a job but it only lasted about 3 months they fired me because I called in a lot because I didn’t have a babysitter for my child, schools were closed due to coronavirus so I didn’t have anyone to watch her. Most of my family close by stopped talking too me after my mom passed so I only had my daughter. Times were hard but at that time I was approved for unemployment, once I started receiving unemployment I was able to get caught up on the bills and stuff. Well after that ended I was receiving child support. Was looking for work but didn’t have much luck, I never learned how to drive so I have no vehicle. Our hot water heater broke in 2020 still haven’t had the money to get it fixed. Started having some financial difficulties and they were gonna foreclose the home, I’ve lived here my entire life. Didn’t know what to do, but I received my income tax and was able to get caught up on all bills and they wasn’t gonna foreclose. Thank you Jesus!!! But after that times got hard once again still looking for work but no luck was trying to find a work from home job but still no luck. Needed a probate lawyer to get the house in my name but I couldn’t afford one. Let a friend and her kids move in and she helped me with bills but that only lasted for 6 months, she stopped helping me and she would leave her kids with me all the time. I couldn’t take it anymore and she moved out. Started having financial difficulties once again thought I was gonna lose the home but was able to get caught up on everything because of my cousin he needed a place to stay so he moved in to help. It’s been 2 years and he’s still here helping. I lost all my income in June 2021 but income tax came around again and was able to afford bills and everything. But after all that was gone started having financial difficulties once again, they were going to foreclose and my daughter and I were going to be homeless. But I prayed about it and everything and I found this company that gives you an advance and pay your attorney fees to go through probate court, so that’s what I’m currently doing they sent me 20 thousand 500 but took off 2500 for my lawyer and they sent me an 18 thousand dollar check and I was able to get caught up on the bills but now I’m having to sale our family home and find a new place. It’s been difficult. 


  • Sep 19, 2022

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