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According To You 

According to you I never listen
Tell me exactly what I've missed then
You can not know what's inside
So you know me better is implied
I'm much more complicated than what you see
You've never known a woman like me ... I guarantee 
Few could solve some of my easiest dilemmas 
I've been the star of many peoples agendas
I'm not trying to toot my own horn
But... if I did it would be ear porn
People would listen with headphones on
They would say it's classical music to there mom
Later they would be trading my toot
In some backally for some cool crisp loot
But for real... don't try to dictate what you think I'll say
Cause that's the fastest approach to make me runaway
What fills the spaces inside everybody's brain
Just might make another viewer go insane
Afterall it was .. created.. debated and dephered by them 
Try to imagine it's like somebody's private library or den


  • Sep 19, 2022

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