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Mi Castillo moat

One entrance for 

I alone. 

A Path that leads right 

Up to her Throne.

One Bright tur-ned 

Off as I bolt the Draw 

Bridge closed, 

That way should 

Stay till High Man 

Reach back Home.


Being that I have 

Bolt the Moat

Gone on Road,

With a Tool I have

Held in de-fense 

Of Home.

On a Too High packed 

Burro with my Green 


On a brown Mule Eight 

Her years old some

Thing to be  sold!


So no need

Say Hi nor

Leave a note.

Dark Moon cast 

As soon as 

Negro and Margarita 

Ret-urn Home and,

The metal Lock

In the Middle is  

Not i-ce Cold.


My Castillo Mōte.

One entrance for 

I alone,

A Path that leads 

Me over  Bridge  

Up to I Home.

One Bright I tur-ned 

Off as i s…


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