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I really love this man 
So much I'll do any thing I can 
But I seem to take the blame for 
I admit I can be in the wrong 
But everything is might fault 
No matter wat was going on 

I seem to cry over everything 
Stupid things most the time 
But my crying I think is anger 
So I don't say something I regret 
Cause all this arguing that is my fault 
Ain't broke me yet 

But now my head is starting to think things 
Is this history repeating its self 
Cause  all this is hurting me 
And I wanna hurt my self 
So instead of hurting myself 
I'm crying deep inside my self 
I try to keep it in there 
But it all ways shows its spell 

One thing I'm tired of is I don't really go no where 
It's like now he's embarrassed of me 
He don't really want me here 
He use to cary me place 
And now he don't 
I know that he can 
But he just won't 
He takes me to salt riverits the only place I go 
I wanna go normal places 
And not feel like he's ashamed of me 
Even tho his friends see me and know I'm here he just don't ever wanna take me 

He's goes out most days of the week to get away from the yard 
I sit sit on this fucking bed 
Reminding my self wat we are 
I think kts cause I'm a disabled 
And I can walk 
He don't even try to take me down the road 
Lately not ever not at all 
I did this in England 
But I did to stay away from the people I know 
Cause going bk to my past life 
Is not the way I wanna go 
But now I'm on jamaica 
I don't need to hide away inside 
This ain't the life I signed up for I'm dying inside 
I hate the fact I can't walk its destroying me it's not fair 
I want to walk again 
And enjoy the grass and air 
I turned my whole life around 
I payed the price for the things I did 
Please please god I'm begging you 
Please dont leave me like this 
I beg you to heal my legs 
Please let me walk properly again 
I wanna live my life and go for walks and finally enjoy my life I'm in 
I try really hard to except this life im in in
But I can't except I'm to be like this for ever I can't let living like this win 
I've worked really hard to get my legs bk 
All I can do is take ten steps I can't even stand on the spot 
It's like I've got a tenth of it bk and that's my lot 
My boyfriends embarrassed of me and don't wanna take me no where his excuse is is hard to push my fucking chair 
I'm starting to really hate my self I'm starting to not care 
I use to do my make up get dressed every day 
But wats point if I'm not going no where
Right here is where I'll stay 
I can empagine if I was to dye 
It would be right here on this fucking bed 
Cause I don't go no where 
So it's here I'll rest my head 


  • Sep 19, 2022

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