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Wat-ers clear! 

Has been some 

Years since la-st 

Shark attack,

Aft-er last 

Stick in Jaws 

Explo-de bl-ow 

Out his back.

Did never think 

After Him

Sink that We 

Spot a Croc,  

I guess if You 

Take Out the Front

You better look 

What I’m Back,!


Although the Species 

Returned Fishes

Come back fast,

Same Pool they in 

Blast Pheme-ing

Tossed  salad til

The Boat start Rock.

Guess it’s to be 

Expected  to 

Know Big water

Croc come back,

I Man did hear

Bout the Bitches, 

And how Them deal 

With them Crocs.


I did hear some Girl 

Fag Their Man-some 

Man In and Out Here, 

Flexing in Tight 

Pants Shirt’bn Gay 

And Permed Hair. 

Donnas turn Don

Into Man Bag.

With OUT Pins flare,

Slap crackle pop! 

This Pussy stand 

Changed from Boy

To Bitch-ware!


New Pussy your Ass!

While Dyke Gyal Stoop 

Down rainbow pretty

Pins on your Crocs,

Did never think 

Before Dyke 

Sink that we 

Spot a Croc.

I guess if 

You take Out the front

You better look 

What?….I’m Back!


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