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Feel myself trespassing

Walking a broken line

Path hidden, unseen

By me in my time

Walking along silently

Not daring to make a sound

Not wanting to awaken the master

Of the land I have found

Strange shadows flicker

Move with a life of their own

Transitory shapes

Leap from all around

Watching where I go

Keeping an eye on the door

I make my way forward

My thought of what to explore

Sounds echo from inside

As if from a dark morass

Sending chills down my spine

Like a snake crawling through the grass

Screams of horrendous laughter

Mixed with peals of pain

Sound disturbingly human

When backed by pouring rain

I close upon a window

To see what I can see

But drapes hide the circus

From eyes that pry in me

I hurry to another

And find a haunting room

People tied on chains

Dressed like brides and grooms

They look so out of place 

Distraught as they are

In clothes set for celebration

Instead of clothed in char

The screams come again

As fire is laid to their feet

Then peals of laughter

From those torturous creeps

Ghouls clothed in robes of black

Dance and whirl in delight

Enjoying the pain of those

With whom they've instilled fright

Cheap addictive substance

They seem to have found

As the captives writhe in pain

They seem to float above the ground

I stand in wide wonder

Unsure of what I'm seeing

Thou I'm starting to understand

It's more than just what I'm seeing

The imps of perverse

Have found their way here

Interrupted a wedding feast

And constructed a pit of fear

Tears and pleas for mercy

Fall on deaf ears

These aren't ordinary imps

These two are careers

They channel a certain light

Casting a feverish shadow

Showing what's truly inside

They come from deep below

How shall freedom be seen

By those who have been caught

If they don't understand this demise

And what could have been

Shall we reveal prophecy

To those who don't understand

Speak the words clearly

So they will come to stand

Before a just and true GOD

With their sins confessed

Hearts born anew

And thoroughly blessed

Shall we speak of the blood

Shall we speak of the cross

Shall we speak of the Son

Who came for the lost

Shall we speak of repentance

Shall we speak of love

Shall we speak of a Father

Who built a house of love

We have but to ask

Repent of our sins

Invite GOD into our hearts

And be welcomed in

Heaven is a better place

Then spending eternity in hell

Best take the time to choose

Before the final bell

For those who haven't chosen

Now is the time

GOD is here for you

Come get in line

Come to the throne of GOD

And there you will find

Peace, love and understanding

And renewal of mind

Heaven is the greater reward

Compared to the other scene

Come gather around

And hear what I mean

Streets paved with gold

A mansion with rooms for all

Worship of a loving GOD

And a life of a higher call

No tears of sorrow

No pain to hold us back

Everyone united

In purpose and on track

This is the time

Choose where you shall go

Heaven if you desire

Or hell you will surely go


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