In The Land Of The Lost. Read Count : 86

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In the land of the lost. 
I gained insight from a ghost,
She was once human in a fucked up world.
Stripped of her innocence, Mark her word, nothing she's found has worth. Says she's evil and hasn't a care, wants my heart my soul to bear. How do you commit when all you hear is how mean and evil she treats the world. Lost in the this world I already feel alone to take up with her surely might break my bones. How could she love me when she hates the world, in the land of the lost she has a heart of stone. Make me a target bc you feel now, if breaking my heart doesn't hurt you somehow. Just leave me where I found you broken and alone before you take my heart just to do me wrong.  Wish I could trust you as much as it hurts. The way you act leaves me concerned. I see potential in who you are all I all is don't take me for granted cause I'm not a wish.  I can be like a God be your deliverance.  Where we go from here only fate knows I stand beside you in the land of the lost. Let's find a way home. She's lost and not alone the demons take her where they belong. Couldn't be faithful to her own heart where she hurts is not their fault. To pay her price for deliverance she'll be the first witness.  This is only a harbinger to her last call. She'll say she loves you till the curtain call. Careful what you show her it's the easy way out and she's not slow. Up the pace she's out to win again her kind of love brings about the end. 


  • Valorie Hammond

    Valorie Hammond

    when will you write the rest of this

    Sep 17, 2022

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