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Food is the only thing,
Which nourishes us,
It gives us more energy,
And never let us power down.

Food is awesome,
Whether it is made by mother or father,
Or it never differs by anything,
Always taste same for everyone.

Food is the precious one,
We shouldn't waste it,
Because it's valuable and also nutritional,
Along with some are healthy for our body.

Foods can be made by different methods,
By frying, grilling, boiling, etc,
It can also be made by adding,
Some additional tasty masalas.

Kadai, Tawa and also the cooker,
Those are the items in which we cook food,
There are also many types of frying,
Like shallow fry, deep fry, etc.

Food can be divided into many types,
Some likes to eat junk food,
Or likes to eat home made food,
Because it's just a food and not our mood that can change in few moments.
 - Written by Miss Writer 


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