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   'Sweet Lies' published by the on 21/08/2022 is e-book version and its paperback version published on 31/08/2022 that may be made available soon with Amazon. It is an Anthology of songs, poems, articles and stories which is designed for rapid reading and vocabulary building for the readers. It is an illustrated book with theme based images.
 'Lulu in Puddle' is a poesy concert of frogs and rats where Lulu is a snake. 
'Goat is great' is a satire on an old lion. 'Child Mode' is a RAP song in duet form and satirical in tone. 'Patting the dog' is a lyric. 'Oops moments' is a RAP song in Duet form sung by mother and daughter and its tone is satirical. 
 Hit and Run; Hit is fun; Hitting stunt; Dog Sweeper; and Abandoned Idols are articles giving various messages of negligence and human follies or flaws and remedies thereof. 
Boka Bole Na is a story about an old man who is addicted to lottery money and Boka is name of his parrot who predicts the digit or lucky number of card game etc. 
Second Hand Wifey is a story about the villainous characters or loose women who committed blunders of mistakes and became second hand wives to ex friends or strangers.
Tempest in a cup of tea is a story of an old man who was cheated by the fraudulent property dealers and died of shock. 
One Night Bride is a story of a lady who deceived her groom in the wedding night and betrayed him afterwards.
Default Peccadillo is a story of a misdemeanour who committed murder or homicide of his parents by default.
Betrayal Popinjay is a story about two wanton ladies who betrayed two innocent gullible of nincompoop passionate lovers and extorted money. 
The Rambling Cycle is a story of three migrant workers who came on cycle to Balaghat from Hyderabad during corona pandemic period.
Virtual Funeral is a story about an old man who died of corona in a private treatment by the medics or quacks and his funeral was not done as per guide lines of scripture. 
Sweet Lies named story included here that narrates the story of exchange of new born babies that creates suspense.
Who will go to heaven is a story about a man who is guided by old men to go heaven! 
Purgatory in next life is a story of four culprits who poisoned themselves and died but the God sent them to the world in the form or birth of dogs to suffer a lot like the purgatory punishment in hell.
Ninny Lessie is a story of a dumbo or boorish lady who suffered atrocities and family violence and expelled from the home by tricks.
Further readers may find much more in different texts enjoying fantasy, romance, adventure, thrill, mystery and religious or spiritual messages etc. 
Each item is illustrated with photos that were first drawn on paper by the author and captured in photos by the mobile phone. Each photo is theme based and colourful. Each photo speaks a lot about the characters and situations that readers may get messages and interpret the meanings too. They are thought provoking. 
Author self published books 'Rosarium'; 'A Manual For Communicative Skills'; 'Moonlit Grotto' and Technical &General English Guide. They are available on and and Kindle Apps.
Indian students and other people advised to read the books 'A Manual For Communicative Skills' and 'Technical &General English Guide' for drafting the project theses, stories, compositions, letter writing and Outcome based courses of the Polytechnic, Engineering, Degree and School courses.
Rosarium and Moonlit Grotto are Anthologies useful for rapid reading and vocabulary building for the readers whose mother tongue is not English. Word notes are provided by the author with due explanations.
Thanks for reading,
 Kamal Kishore Sharma 


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