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Sitting here thinking
Of what could be a life's mission

Would you dare take a stand
Or fall back into the MAN

It's not just one reason
I got many meanings 

But I'm slowly introducing myself
As just another human with no political or gov knowledge, just serious doubt

That I know you have too
But you can't be free by what they use

Music, Social media, televisions
Especially the news is intelligent

All controlled by those we don't know
To give us the knowledge that they only see fit

To make us puppets and die into the abyss 

The difference is

I give a shit. 

My forgotten generation 

Erased by the governments evacuation

10 plus year dirty by drugs 
Or a prescription pill drug.

What did they see

They saw is getting closer to what's real

A separation tactic

Covid cured by lysol 
Once we forgot about all the deaths and prescribed phone calls

Even I had a pyscotic break
Broken by a gaslighter

My mistake

I should of been more aware

and not that damn scared

Isolation won

Noone doubting what been done

But what happened those 12 plus years 

They controlled everything to be aired

So what really was the complete tale

I'll fight for this of you'd like

Stand up and not be so quiet

Listen and look around

Change history or just be another death found.


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