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Rashu was sleeping while read a book on sofa at hall, she heard the slamming of windows  
There must have several knocks on the door before she opened her eyes They were repeated at intervals The watchman wouldn't dare do otherwise He knows

She surveyed the hall At her front Nidhi on relaxes chair, Neha, and Pooja on the floor and Salini on another sofa were sleeping 

Another knock The sound slashed down a chunk of the massive numbness that had overpowered her memory She, as yet, couldn't recollect exactly when they had collapsed into a dead sleep, although she could recollect all that had preceded - their dancing around a bonfire, eating delicious and drinking 

The cool day, in the evening

Their car was trudging through miles of bushes and scattered rocks to reach this deserted bungalow inside the jungle An injured insects got crushed under a wheel Salini gave a shriek, her face all sweat with pity..

You are soaked in sweat,  baby," Nidhi commented indulgently 
"A bit humid in the atmosphere," Her words sounded innocent
Rashu! why your face looks yellow? vampire suck your blood" Salini sneered
Shut up, she has c.a.n.c... Neha stopped by Rashu sign
You silly, little monster! Protested Rashu, waging her handkerchief on her face and her face in the handkerchief

The conversation continued on between them till the car came to a turn showing a semi - circular tract to their left, walled by hills on three sides

"Stop!" Pooja gave out a sudden shout

The car jerked to a halt  All sprang out and, following Pooja pointed her finger as a dagger, focused their eyes on a shadow at the foot of a hill Against the glossy dark rocks the creature looked like a streak of lightning, frozen But soon the shadow stirred and then played hide and seek from bush to bush as the outlet into the jungle had been blocked 

But the shadow came swiftly and disappeared into the lusty green, jungle

And to the five pairs of startled eyes Ramu explained, "It was an illusion"

"Rubbish! And how it is illusion Nidhi was on the verge of suspicious

You are tired, madam! I will tell you about it later Ramu, the young, gloomy, handsome, and skilled man who is the watchman of Bunglow It was precisely for this much benefit that he had arranged things inside the bungalow 

They reached the bungalow late in the evening After a round of light refreshment and drink, they prepared to go out for walk But Ramu denied them to go out at late evening and declined to accompany them

They go out  for walk near, leaving Pooja and Ramu

An ominous quiet, disturbed by unfamiliar sounds from time to time, made the sylvan twilight an eerie experience for Pooja She had chill drink, alone, relaxing in a sofa in the hall

All of a sudden she felt challenged by Ramu's obstinate melancholy

"What is this sound, Ramu?" she queried

"A jackals howl, madam!

Pooja sprang out of her sofa and ran towards the door of the hall and in the hurry, fell down at the door And made no attempt at getting up until Ramu came to her aid And when he came, she raised herself just enough to fall into his arms

And then instead of speaking a word about her sophisticated accident, she observed with a dazzling smile, "You are a saviour, aren't you? How easily your bag!"

Ramu was amused like a child to hear it And, for the rest, he behaved obediently, but never gave up that quiet smile of irony, which at the end of everything

By the time they returned Pooja had had an hour's sleep and she woke up feeling feverish and opened the doors No sooner, had her eyes fallen on them than she realised that they had already imagined a lot of things

Neha gaze was fixed on Ramu, then soundly asleep in a corner of the hall

Sweety! We excited all the while for having left you alone! You haven't been inconvenienced, I hope," uttered Neha

Pooja, still feeling a bit dazed, all were tired enough to talk and Ramu was still sleeping 

There was a heavy, awkward silence for a while then all sat on the sofa for relax Conversation continued on between them Their conversation interrupted by horrible scream outside the bungalow They startled and had goosebumps to hear that strange scream Soon after silence was there They wanted to go outside for quest at that moment Ramu woke up When they began to go to outside for searched, Ramu denied them not to go outside at night it is not safe 

Rashu curioused, "Why? "
Madam, wild animals are there, Ramu shrieked and stopped them from advancing

"Don't know, let's find out," Nidhi asked Her eyes looked wild

They went outside together to searched There they didn't find anything except a black cat in the dust not seen clearly suddenly rushed towards the Pooja She imbalance and fell on the ground That black cat vanished in the dark All ran towards the Pooja and hold her to stand up 

"Are you Ok", madam! Ramu stammered out

"Yeah, I'm Ok, not worried," Pooja nodded

"You have a fever," Pooja! Rashu felt her body was warm Pooja replied that she had taken medicine for it No need to worry it is just environment change

Ok! When we are outside, then enjoy the party tonight, Nidhi shouted

Ramu arranged the bonfire, delicious food, chill drinks and essential needs After that, he went inside the bungalow and waited in the hall

They switched on cellphone for songs and danced around the fire, had chill drinks and food In the mid of celebration suddenly fire cut off Heard howl of jackals, their bodies got chill sensation and  strange vibes They hurriedly switched on cellphone lights and ran towards the hall They were unknown about their strange presence 

When they turned to return in the bungalow,  strange shadows following them, but they were unknown to their presence Ramu closed the door of the hall after they entered He also unknown to their presence

They didn't recognise the negative vibes and the environment sick because of their momentum In the hall, Rashu had a book to read its first page and fell in asleep Others were falling in dead asleep

The same day, in the midnight

Another knock  Rashu called and woke up the others  Rashu looked around the hall and through the window It was still dark

From nowhere, a chill of terror crept into her and spread into her whole being and oozed out in sweat 

All sat upon the sofas Ramu was standing beside them that was not Ramu 
Before another knock The shadows dragged him into a kitchen while sleeping  had been thrown aside

Suddenly, a storm appeared in the hall  The objects revolving around them The chairs and table thrown here and there  Wall clock flowed in the air  It seemed strange  horrible view in front them They shocked to see this horrible view 

"R-a-m-u where are you?" stuttered the surprised saline

They didn't understand what to do Their mind clogged and the chill of terror crept into them The glass of the windows broken and a gust of wind that threw a bunch of dry leaves  into the hall Ramu swooned away

Scary laughter echoed in the hall In the dust all stood immobile  as a group of mummies The horrible echo was disturbed when Rashu suddenly enchanted the God's name loudly... 

The shadows rushed toward outside the hall and vanished in the dark The sepulchral silence returned with complete mess in the hall, kitchen and other rooms of the bungalow "For heaven's sake, all is well," cried out all

"By the way where is Ramu? he is not here," Neha uttered

They searched him everywhere in the bungalow and found him faint outside the bungalow Pour some droplets of water on his face and he woke up in shocked

Now it was dawn, They told Ramu to hang a No Entry with ghost sign board  outside of this  abandoned deserted place

 After an hour, while Rashu drove the car, with others sitting lifeless after a horrible battle

The bungalow was rumoured to be a hunted house Ghosts play mischiefs of various sorts 


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    Infinite Note

    Was hoping you fixed all the grammatical problems when you reposted, but nope.

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