My Life. Read Count : 71

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Adventure
I watch from the window of a cheap motel as the sun slowly rises, the dust swirling in the wind outside.It's a bit like faces looking at me, faces from the past, but still part of the present.And each face has a story.Each story is a memory, a puzzle piece that makes up life.My life.Past and present hand in hand, and a future I don't yet know what it will bring, what it holds for me.But I'm on my way,because I have to keep going.This little motel room is just a stopping place.I don't know if I'll ever stop anywhere.The endless highways await me,my long hair unfurled in the wind,an old blues in my ears.A feeling of life that lives in my heart,a feeling that accompanies me on my Rock N'Roll journey.


  • Infinite Note

    Infinite Note

    Poorly worded, especially in the middle.

    Sep 16, 2022

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