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Whether I'm female or male
Shouldn't matter or care
The tone you'll see
Is what you'll divide into diversity 

I'm standing strong
Addicticted and wrong

Never will I lie
But I will try

I see a higher meaning
Into what could be a reason
Instead of dumb fast
Like the first didn't notice the millionth drug death

Friend and family gone
Some still singing this song

But it ain't about that
It's about this reason

Things need to change
And I prayed you'd know my name

We need to come together
Unlike the pill doctors and covid dividing us forever

If you want to see a change 
All you got to do is youse your name

Stand strong
Don't be scared to be wrong 
Because as you know me
You'll see what I've seen

I'm telling you now
The forgotten
Gather around

If you want the rest of the story
Is just as boring
But to change history
Is a never ending mystery

So I'll start here
Not scared

Listen and think
Stop with what the gov thinks


My mission

I will gather the rest to follow
But right now I'm still hollow

So follow
Find peace

Dismiss the word of what they want you to think

Be strong

Until we're ready

And we will be steady

No more bullshit or judgement

Like they wanted.


Follow me

Find me
And we will succeed


  • Good!!

    Sep 16, 2022

  • Kamal Kishore Sharma

    Kamal Kishore Sharma

    Very nice poem with 'I' element you portrayed the potential feelings on paper and the narrative may be sung with musical nodes. Very commanding and credible narrative.

    Sep 17, 2022

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