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As I’m Fucking with Seasons,

I’m looking down In the Dish.

Archangel Enabled putting 

Demons on the Fish.

By way of Gold about the Neck

Red Diamonds round the Wrist,

Giving Knowledge of the Stars and 

Getting Answers from a Wish.


Yes I am ArchAngel And 

Yes Falling Makes Me a Witch,

But the Recipe Bastard 

That’s the way Pan be, 

Handle it! 

You just can’t Gefilte It The 

Scotch Bon-net Vinegar and 

On-ions Al-l Re-quis-ite.

To  make your Taste Buds Tingle.


Up Inside Your Belly where the Juices start to Mingle and 

When We done feel after 

Burn in Your Tinkle At Home 

Run Bitch, Usted  puede  

Incluso Escabeche,

The only way Sunshine,

Turns to  Escovitch Ok!


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