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What kind of love is this from you to me 
If I was told that there's love I'll always not agree 
My life can testify even without opening my tools of speaking 
I saw the flame of love and all my life received light 
This is the sweetest feelings ever 
Loving a woman that truly loves me is my biggest luck ever 

My banana, my Rebecca let me stay with you forever
This feeling is like a drop of water into my oven
Your love is more than the world but like gaining the heaven 
My heart always feel at ease that only you I face like figure seven 
Right now I'm afraid if I were to choose between you and heaven believe it's over 

My banana, my Rebecca let me be with you forever
Let me be by your side and run the race without falling back 
This time that I sight you I fully know what peace really means so far 
If I had known I would have come to thee since last year December 
Have you seen the cutest ever?
Could you believe you're the best and the better 

If I say I can treck down to heaven 
Who want to dare me and I shall feed them with surprises by raven 
Just let me hold one hand and see the magic
Let me hold her hand and see my strength and power and you'll be panicked 
Let her profess me love and feel the real madness and my lunatic
For I might plough out a whole mountain of Everest  
This feelings is different and I wish to live always in it 

My heart desire, the cutest ever 
Perhaps the world don't know two source of joy
One is to have God in you and feel loved by God 
The other is to be loved by a woman that you love 
Have you seen a amn fighting against his destiny?
If heaven do not wish to give his blessings won't I fight? 

Bolualabi. O (Boluwatife Alabi. O)


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