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A rose bloom beautifully in summer 
Lilly sprout out confidently when it's too stormy 
My heart is wide open to receive all breeze into my chest so as not to be warmy
I rather choose to live inside grave and no longer interested in world's matter.

Yesterday I fell in love but today I'm afraid forever the anguish will never leave,
Why did I fall in love at first and face all this unescapeable pain 
I rather choose to fall from the highest cliff and leave
Than falling into pain and still live 

I only want to feel happy and prepare for better future
Unfortunately, one man down but still live in the nature 
This feeling is baddish, spurious, punk, disgusting, dire, and bogus,
I aim to swim in love but end up drowning  everyday
Who can save me from this love illness I'm dying everyday 

To hell with you, to hell with love, to hell with eveybody!
I hate you absolutely but why can't I forget you 
Why?!! Why do I keep seeing you
Why do I keep perceiving your odur even when I'm dying from your stung 
Somebody tells me! Why can't I let it go but choose to suffer alone 

I want to get back on my feet 
I want to fly out with my kits
I wish to think no more of you because always I keep drowning in love 
It could be better if it's my feelings that's drowning
So sad I'm Perishing inside and my rose can no longer survive even inside a river 

© Boluwatife Alabi. O 


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