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Religion realign to reorganize as a new group to change allegiance or confirm an allegiance reaffirm one's loyalty by words works and intentions. To be reissued into a new type of or system of beliefs. I have said it before and I will say it again religion is made up by men, for men, against men. 

 Love and faith are not religious factors God is not a religious figure. You do not need a church or pastor or a Sunday scolding to have the truth revealed to you. Truth is inside of you it is in your heart in all of us. If we are able to see past our present confines. Are stagnant viewpoints and our liberating cages. The balls and chains that represent our freedom are the very things that drag us down the thing that we all believe will save us the things that we fight for. 

 Has it been too long to change now? The truth would be a very uncomfortable pill to swallow. So in the name of ignorance and comfort we smile in the face of our coming defeat. Ushering in our captors with open arms. Knowing / yes perhaps. Realizing/no/not so much. If one does realize they don't speak of it thus they be the messenger that gets hung for the delivery of his message. 

 What would the truth change anyways nothing! So in an attempt to make things available the way that I have come to know them I'll write these things and put them out there and hope that they make sense to you. 

 Institute a new take on the oldest truth.


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