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I’m the Pole Of Totem 

The Prov-erb-ial 

Ding a Ling a Ling 


Being taught  the Word that

Plainly Cums From the

Big King Ding a Ling, 

With Spin.

You who’s Formed Of My 

Cumming Fountains Spring.

Dousing where I should been

G Spottn’ The Thing!

Un tight it Kept Running, 

And never ended.

Blessing Going Out,  

Rushing In.

So on Bended Back She, 

Side tossed From The 1 

Eye release Bringing 

into Focus Existence.

With every Stroke How It 

Was Magnifying as I Now 

Watch Odin as The 

Emperor in The Mirror.

Birthday Suit shining while

Rightly Dividing my Teaching,

With Playing Making 

Circles With his Dang-ling. 


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