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Pore Shaped,
Be Ab-sorbed
Not Sq-ueezed.

How Soap so Ready 
to Give Before You 
Got to Receive.

As an open wide
Child Yells out from
Be-hind Burn-ing Eyes 
Look-Ing for Sym -pathy.

Perhaps seeking 
Favors from the 
Hie-rarchy  .

That bunch Of 
Dirty Dishes 
In Sync.

Fuckin’ with 
The Chem’cal 
De-Greaser in Vag-ie.

Sudsing up cause
Dish P’n is going
Down Home Ba-bie!

Yet it’s more 
Look-ing Like 
The  W-U Be

In a Shark Tank 
And You Running 
With  The Gold fishes.

Remember only Do-nuts
 Jump’n ready to Dunk’in 
Absorb-ing Everyth’in.


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