Denmark's Prettiest Fetishes In Masks And Hoods 1999 Until Late Last Year (2021) Read Count : 242

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Question A Asked by Tom :Granola in your Lovely collection

Gas Masks and Hoods, Do you have any favorites?

Q (a) Answered by Granola :My MSA millenium is my favorite. It's so alien looking and mysterious at the same time. I really like how it's possible to hook it up to two filters or hoses, and people can't see me inside it because the visor is tinted.

Question B Asked by Tom : Granola Have if a been to your local supermarket in your favorite Mask or Hood before or shopping wearing your favourite hood or Mask in public ?

Q (b) Answered by Granola : Sadly i haven't, one of my greatest heroes (Vicky Devika) posted a video where she's shopping in full latex and an S10 gasmaske, ever since i saw that video i have wanted to do the same, but i don't want to scare off people plus it's technically illegal in Denmark to wear a mask that covers ones face.

Question C Asked by Tom :What is your ideal Mask or Hood Granola for a Special occasion with friends or family members?

Q ( c) Answered by Granola : I don't wear hoods or gadmasks around my friends or family, my family disowned me when I came out as lesbian, so they are out of the picture. And most of my friends don't know I'm into this. But i think it's actually a good idea to wear respirators or gadmasks at the moment, if everyone did it in public this whole C19 situation would be over fast.

Question D Asked by Tom : in Public places Granola are Latex Masks Accepted as a Fashionable Fetish or a Very serious Hobby for the younger people who are interested in the Bdsm community in your Lovely country around the globe.

Q (d) Answered by Granola : Latex in general are very taboo for some reason. I'm not big into the BDSM community myself, but i am a fetishist and rubberista. I wish it was more socially acceptable to wear rubber and latex in public, and if it was i would wear a gasmask at all times.

Question E : In your country do you accept different types Masks And Hoods from different types of areas of Denmark too add to your Lovely Truthful collection.

Q (e)  Answered by Granola :I'm a huge gasmask nerd , Lesbian lover and i have collected masks from all around the world. Sometimes i buy and sell from and to other collectors and fetishists. And sometimes i find them on e-bay and even on army pages online.

Question F :So Granola have you ever kissed anyone in Mask or Hood.

Q (f) Answered Granola :Sadly i have not, but i would really like to. I find gasmasks super attractive and the sound of someone breathing in a mask makes my toes bend. 

(to be continued on the) 30/9/2022


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