THE FALLEN STAR Read Count : 82

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One gigantic star has fell 
In the glass forest a big tree just fell 
All animals and humans are sending their condolences greetings
Yet some so called 'inferior' colour refused to show sympathy

As a bard whose side should I support?
Some black nations are spitting out pains got from the past through her,
While some are heartily mourning her death for they think after her it's over,
However, as an innocent, should I joined the masses to mourn or to disregard.

Nevertheless, a star has fell 
As mighty and powerful you're 
How can you not overcome death 
How can you not postpone thy demise till eternity 
Coward, a coward you're.

Dear Eliza, as you left this unsatisfied city 
I joined the world of no peace to send you peace, 
I send you a hearty condolences with a package of kiss 
Dear mother, grandmother, here on earth we say live long but there in heaven live till eternity

© Boluwatife Alabi. O 


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