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25th December,
He smoked the blunt all night
thinking of her,
the way she talked,the way she walked,
laughed ,smiled and loved.
The way she told him everything in details even the lies that seemed true,
He knew her every cloth all her shoes and earings,
her face, her hair and how her body was perfectly shaped,

That same day she was out again, he'd come home and wait ,wait till waiting fall asleep too,
she'd come at 3a.m tired, stinking like a freshly rotten dug,
He took out an axe which was literally very sharp
and she screamed
backing to the wall,scared 
she still looked lovely inspite of the smell,
he finished his last puff,

Her white trouser
his favorite
she screamed yet again

He took up the axe
unhooked his belt
unclothed before her
placed his shaft and balls on the table
and chopped them off,

Struggling he carried them 
flushed them to the toilet
the room was bloody
she kept screaming and screaming

He stood there by the wall 
holding the towel between his legs
not caring whether she wore white or black
she was smiling or sad ,

One hand holding, with the other hand he lit another blunt,
Freedom ohh freedom.


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