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Too soon

Fragile, hearts are broken,
When lasts breaths shake the core,
For someone who was here yesterday,
Isn't here anymore,
Who can say which is saddest,
The life that's gone to waste,
Or the ache it leaves in the midst,
Of the rest that will never play. 

You leave behind your love and memories,
But also leave behind the heartbreak,
Of another life taken,
Way too soon,
For any of it to be fate. 

It's hard to accept the reality,
That evil exists in this world,
So cold and callous,
Taking from everyone,
 They've loved along the way,

A boy without a father,
A daughter's first love taken too,
The promise of forever,
Cut short before it's due.
So many things left unspoken,
Forfeiting goodbyes without a say,
No closure can be given,
For a life taken this way.


  • Sep 08, 2022

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