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Somehow worse

They say time heals all wounds, 
That the pain doesn't last forever, 
So why does it feel worse now?
Than it did last year to remember, 
That it's your birthday today,
But you're not here to spend it, 
There will be no presents to worry about, 
Or plans to contend with. 

Trying to smile, to keep strong, 
But these tears keep falling out, 
They trickle down my cheek silently, 
As I wish you was about, 
I wish we could choose between dinner tonight, 
Fish and chips or Chinese which would it be? 
I wish I could nag at you one last time, 
For asking me to make you coffee. 

I wish the kids could hug their Grandad, 
And steal all of his sweets, 
It's so unfair the little ones didn't get to know you like Karl did, 
It feels much worse somehow this year, 
Like it's finally started to hit me, 
You're actually not going to call or text, 
That's it for us, it seems. 

I look back at all the things you've missed, 
All the moments you'd be so proud of, 
All the happiness and the memories,
 that only make me feel guilty, 
That I've left you back in the past, 
Because I can't take you with me. 

By Trish Huntley 


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