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Stand still 

When you're at a stand still, 
With too much time to think, 
How do you pick a road,
If the cross roads spills no ink,
No clear direction, 
Just change at every bend, 
Which one do you take? 
To never be the same again. 

Do you sit and wait for a signal, 
Some kind of miraculous sign, 
Or do you delve into your soul, 
To see what path it finds, 
Knowing whichever you pick is permanent, 
It doesn't just change your world, 
But in time, 
It will change the course of destiny, 
If fate is by design. 

But what we know at the stand still, 
Is something has to give, 
For no decision like this comes, 
From taking any risks, 
You bought yourself to this point,
Now you have to choose, 
Which path take take, 
Because give or take,
Some things we will lose.  

By Trish Huntley 


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