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If I knew 

I see you standing there, so unphased
I know you don't really care these days, 
Had your heart broken and its a shame, 
A friends betrayals taken all your gains
Your happiness and light cease to exist 
God I hate seeing you like this 
I wish I could take it all away, 
I would do anything to ease your pain. 

And I,ii have never felt anything like this before
I've had my own trauma
But watching you suffer, is just so much more
I'd never wish this on my worst enemy 
Let alone a child I wish would never see, 
The awfulness of the world around us, 
I cant believe I let you down. 

And I wish I could of known the truth, 
I wish I could've predicted what they'd do, 
I would've let you hate me, scream out loud.. 
I never would've let you leave this house, 
Safe in my arms, you would've been, 
And then things wouldn't have to be like this.. 

By Trish Huntley 


  • Sep 08, 2022

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