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Bring back yesterday 

Sometimes in the quiet, 
I just sit and read our texts, 
I look through all our pictures, 
Replay memories in my head. 

I try to bring back yesterday, 
But it gets washed away with tears, 
For I can't have you here today, 
And it hits me like a tsunami wave, 
Everytime I remember that fear. 

The fear of never seeing your face, 
Or hearing your voice again, 
Knowing that it's all too late,
For fear to be creeping in, 
For it's been too long now, 
Since you've been gone, 
For me to keep having to remind myself,
That you've moved on. 

I go to ring your phone, 
Or even plan a trip, 
As if now lock down is over, 
I can do all of it. 
I pretended that was why anyway, 
I hadn't spoken to you for so long... 
I guess it's hard to break it to my heart, 
That you've passed away. 

Some part of me believed that you, 
We're immortal all you fought and won. 
And although for years I knew there'd come a day,
Sooner than we were ready for,
I sort of hoped I had more tomorrow's, 
For I don't feel your time was done. 

By Trish Huntley


  • Sep 08, 2022

  • beautiful

    Sep 09, 2022

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