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365 days, 8760 hours, 525600 minutes...

It's hard to get my head around,
Just how much time has passed,
When it all still feels like yesterday,
But just beneath my grasp,

The thought that I can't call you,
Or atleast moan at you for not picking up,
The last beach trip to play arcades,
And the plans that were left untouched,

Listening to the eternal beating of the clock,
You always think you have enough,
But time left me right where it stood still for you,
Confused in all the hurt,
I can only cling on to the belief,
That you are with us somehow,
Watching down on us even with your depart,
Feeling our love here on the ground.

The bitterness of the nostalgia,
Is all I'll have to show,
The deafening silence of our pictures,
That only make it all hit home,
Though they make me smile through the sadness,
As that's just who you were,
So kind, caring and giving,
Yet hilarious and grumpy too,
It hurts the most that I know,
There will never be anyone quite like you. 

So I'll miss you
and I'll love you,
As the years go by,
Forever homed in my heart,
A love that keeps you alive. 

By Trish Huntley


  • Sep 08, 2022

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