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Who was I being you?
A spirit of awe
devoid of pain
spreading joy
make them thaw
and easy gains
in a world of toys

Where are you now?
No more innocence
smiles are fake
heart is heavy
lack of essence
serious mistakes
and feeling empty

What have I become?
A sombre ocean
where emotions swim
memories thrive
and waves are blue
but new boats sink
under the moonless sky

Why did you leave me?
The blood turned colder
I was left charred
no one heard my shout
Your spikes grew longer
which pricked them hard
and drove me out

When will I meet you again?
At the dawn of benevolence
with the drizzling of bliss
enhanced by fondness
I stand there as the evidence
that these virtues
still reside in your conscience

Sneha Lal Prabhat 


  • Sep 08, 2022

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