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Nothing gave me the thrills anymore
Like how our initial days used to be...
My heart was an empty pot;
No more water to blossom the lawn:
The lawn whose blades began to prick me.
The frozen river gave me chills:
That chill of losing ourselves together.
Hence I went in search of new springs,
On that fateful night to the abyss unknown.

And here I am tossed into the wilderness;
Leeching onto the times with you...
Urging to run into your bowers..
Pondering over the roses...

The sun may have kissed goodbye to the dark,
But assigned the angels above to guide me:
The spectators of our seraphic times
Who remind me of the nights we spent.

The petals pierce my heart but the thorns give glee.
I once again wish to be yours and forever to be...

Sneha Lal Prabhat 


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