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She's dark and sultry,
she's quiet and enigmatic,
you can see it when she loses herself,
consumed by all the static. 

She doesn't mean to slip away,
it has become just a habit,
she is drawn inexplicably to the shadows,
like metal to a magnet.

Everything is unique about her,
So hauntingly ethereal,
where you see loss and pain,
she sees bittersweet material. 

She takes something awful,
something hard to feel or look at,
touches the mundane and ugly,
and leaves beauty where it once sat.

Where most see grief and pain,
she sees the deep love that stemmed it,
where most see suffering and loss,
she sees only the blessings and mercy that mends it. 

Make no mistake about it,
she suffers for these sights,
she must first peer into the darkness,
in order to witness the hidden light.

Sometimes it lingers about her,
like a residue on her skin,
no matter what she does to protect herself,
a little still seeps in. 

Once it's there it doesn't leave,
and it doesn't ever fade,
she will carry it all throughout her life,
but that's the choice that she made. 

She chose to keep on looking,
to keep on staring into the black,
to reveal the light to those who couldn't see,
and to pull the curtains back.

She chose to take all their anguish,
to take every bit of their agony, 
and to carry them herself,
so they could see the light inside the tragedy.

It's not an easy burden,
most days filled with more cloud than sun,
but she'll continue fighting this battle 
until she can say the light has won.

~ Rachel G. Ezell


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