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I woke up this morning,
Still tasting last night's dinner,
I had drooled all over my pillow,
Yeah, I'm a #winner.

I went to smoke a joint,
but all I had was a pinner,
and it was mostly paper,
Yeah, I'm a #winner.

I sometimes do sell drugs,
so my mama says I'm a sinner,
and I sleep in her living room,
Yeah, I'm a #winner.

I have to hide all day,
just to avoid Rent A Center,
for the bill I haven't paid,
yeah, I'm a #winner.

But even that is better,
than hiding from the cops,
I jump up and run away,
Each time someone knocks.

I shouldn't have tried to run away,
when the cop said "That's her! Get her!"
I say that cause my ass got tased,
yeah, I'm a #winner.

I cuss all day in front of my kids,
and they copy me just like a printer,
and I've lapsed on all their Medicaid,
yeah, I'm a #winner.

I shouldn't have fucked with Daniel Wood,
cause all I got was splinters,
but I'm a horndog who don't do what I should, 
yeah, I'm a #winner.

I sometimes use crystal meth,
to get a little thinner,
then go and try on toddler's clothes,
yeah, I'm a #winner.

I now live with my mama,
with my sister I spent the winter,
but the landlord, he's not happy,
he called her the world's worst renter.

I tried to make it right,
but the eviction notice he still sent her,
now we all are homeless,
yeah, I'm a #winner.

I'm gonna try to be an adult soon,
but please remember I'm a beginner,
actually I think I'll just get disability,
cause I'm a #winner. 

~ Rachel G. Ezell


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    Sep 08, 2022

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